Working at Iceland

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not just joining a team – you’re joining a family.

You’ll discover that we believe in the potential of every person we employ.

You’ll find people who have their own ambitions – but make time to help others.

And something you’ll always find at Iceland is your voice…. We believe that everyone’s opinion is valid – we ask for it and we want to hear it.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do – a great idea is a great idea (And no-one knows your job like you do).

The Iceland Experience

What we'll do for you.

  • We'll invest in you – in your talent and your potential (for your benefit and ours ... Many of our most successful people have grown their careers within Iceland).
  • We'll help you go as far as you want – in any direction.
  • We'll challenge you – to achieve more than you think you can.
  • We'll encourage you – there's nothing we like better than seeing someone progress… It helps your career and our business.
  • We'll reward you - and not just financially. There are great benefits including staff discount cards, a spend and save scheme to save you £££, access to childcare vouchers (and a staff restaurant at our head office run by a Michelin-starred chef).

We look after our people...

Our people are great at looking out for each other – it's second nature.

Whether it's help with a delivery, a lift to work, or practising for an interview.

In 2015, as well as earning a special Lifetime Achievement Award to mark our five years in the Top 10 Best Big Companies, we received a special award for Wellbeing.

The Sunday Times wrote: “A holistic approach to wellbeing across the company sees managers close enough to their people to be treated as confidantes in tough times”.

We're proud that there will always be someone to talk to… Someone who will offer practical help.

"Our staff are brilliant and when they need to, they can move mountains" - Malcolm Walker, CEO
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